Bond of Secrecy: My Life with CIA Spy and Watergate Conspirator E. Howard Hunt

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Alexander Hamilton. My Own Words. Gandhi : An Autobiography th Anniversary Edition. Make Your Bed Small things that can change your life For The Record. Item Added: Bond of Secrecy. View Wishlist. Prosecutors had to follow up once the media reported. Hunt also pressured Colson, Dean, and John Ehrlichman to ask Nixon for clemency in sentencing, and eventual presidential pardons for himself and his cronies; this eventually helped to implicate and snare those higher up.

Hunt eventually spent 33 months in prison at Federal Correctional Complex, Allenwood and the low-security Federal Prison Camp at Eglin Air Force Base , Florida, on a conspiracy charge, arriving at the latter institution on April 25, Hunt eventually applied for a presidential pardon but was turned down by Ronald Reagan in According to Vincent Bugliosi , allegations that these men were involved in a conspiracy originated from theorist Richard E.

Sprague who compiled the photographs in and , and subsequently turned them over to Jim Garrison during his investigation of Clay Shaw.

E. Howard Hunt

Appearing before a nationwide audience on the December 31, , episode of The Tonight Show , Garrison held up a photo of the three and suggested they were involved in the assassination. Later, in , assassination researchers Alan J. Weberman and Michael Canfield compared photographs of the men to people they believed to be suspects involved in a conspiracy and said that two of the men were Watergate burglars E. Howard Hunt and Frank Sturgis. Comedian and civil rights activist Dick Gregory helped bring national media attention to the allegations against Hunt and Sturgis in after obtaining the comparison photographs from Weberman and Canfield.

The Rockefeller Commission reported in that they investigated the allegation that Hunt and Sturgis, on behalf of the CIA, participated in the assassination of Kennedy. Shaneyfelt, "a nationally-recognized expert in photoidentification and photoanalysis" with the FBI photographic laboratory, had concluded from photo comparison that none of the men was Hunt or Sturgis. In , the United States House Select Committee on Assassinations reported that forensic anthropologists had again analyzed and compared the photographs of the "tramps" with those of Hunt and Sturgis, as well as with photographs of Thomas Vallee, Daniel Carswell, and Fred Lee Chrisman.

In , journalist Mary La Fontaine discovered the November 22, arrest records that the Dallas Police Department had released in , which named the three men as Gus W. Abrams, Harold Doyle, and John F. According to the arrest reports, the three men were "taken off a boxcar in the railroad yards right after President Kennedy was shot", detained as "investigative prisoners", described as unemployed and passing through Dallas, then released four days later.

As part of his suit, Hunt filed a legal action in the United States District Court for the Eastern District of Virginia in September requesting that Szulc be cited for contempt if he refused to divulge his sources. Three months earlier, Szulc stated in a deposition that he refused to name his sources due to "the professional confidentiality of sources" and "journalistic privilege". Rubin stated that knowing the source of the allegation that Hunt was in Mexico City in was important because Szulc's passage "is what everybody uses as an authority Howard Hunt". He added that rumors that Hunt was involved in the Kennedy assassination might be put to end if Szulc's source was revealed.

He denied knowledge of any conspiracy to kill Kennedy. According to Marchetti, the memo said in essence, "Some day we will have to explain Hunt's presence in Dallas on November 22, The second article, by Joseph J. Liberty Lobby stipulated, in this first trial, that the question of Hunt's alleged involvement in the assassination would not be contested.

In , however, the case was overturned on appeal because of error in jury instructions. On retrial, the jury rendered a verdict for Liberty Lobby.

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Former KGB archivist Vasili Mitrokhin indicated in that Hunt was made part of a fabricated conspiracy theory disseminated by a Soviet " active measures " program designed to discredit the CIA and the United States. Kelley and was apparently being suppressed. After Hunt's death, Howard St. John Hunt and David Hunt stated that their father had recorded several claims about himself and others being involved in a conspiracy to assassinate President John F. In the April 5, , issue of Rolling Stone , St. John Hunt detailed a number of individuals purported to be implicated by his father, including Lyndon B.

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The two sons alleged that their father cut the information from his memoirs to avoid possible perjury charges. According to Hunt's widow and other children, the two sons took advantage of Hunt's loss of lucidity by coaching and exploiting him for financial gain and furthermore falsified accounts of Hunt's supposed confession. The Los Angeles Times said they examined the materials offered by the sons to support the story and found them to be "inconclusive".

CIA killed JFK

According to St. John Hunt, it was he who suggested to his father the idea of a memoir to reveal what he knew about the Kennedy assassination, but the Hunt Literary Estate refutes this as scurrilous. The foreword to American Spy was written by William F. According to Buckley, he was asked through an intermediary to write the introduction but declined after he found that the manuscript contained material "that suggested transgressions of the highest order, including a hint that LBJ might have had a hand in the plot to assassinate President Kennedy.

Publishers Weekly called American Spy a "breezy, unrepentant memoir" and described it as a "nostalgic memoir [that] breaks scant new ground in an already crowded field".


There are no real secrets in this book. As history it is bunk. He concluded his review describing it as a work "in a long tradition of arrant nonsense" and "a book to shun".

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Joseph C. Goulden of The Washington Times described it as a "true mess of a book" and dismissed Hunt's allegations against Johnson as "fantasy". However, none of the aforementioned critics of the book addressed why Lyndon Johnson flew to Johnson City Texas on November 20, and gave Melvin Winters two Belgian made guns. Goulden summarized his review: "I wish now that I had not read this pathetic book.

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Avoid it. According to Nolan: "It is the best moment-by-moment depiction of the June 17, , burglary of Democratic National Committee headquarters I have ever read. Following his release from prison in , Hunt lived in Biscayne Park, Florida. On January 23, , he died of pneumonia in Miami, Florida.

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Howard Hunt. Hamburg, New York , United States. Miami, Florida , United States. Watergate complex. Nixon Resignation speech Inauguration of Gerald Ford. Watergate burglars. McCord Jr. Frank Sturgis. White House. Haldeman E. Now, for a cover, he called himself a State Department reserve officer. His official job was to serve as a liaison between the American Embassy and the Economic Cooperation Ad ministration, the first formali zation of the Marshall Plan. Bissell, who ran the Paris E. During his Paris days, Hunt met and married Dorothy— who was the secretary of the local C.

He gets in volved in a torrid love affair with a French countess whose Spanish husband is believed to have died in Russia as an officer with the Blue Division that fought alongside the Nazis. Hunt's real romantic life was not quite as flam boyant, his friends say, though he had at least an intellectual interest in extramarital ac tivities. Many years later, ac cording to his Cuban friends, Hunt spent a whole night in a Miami motel with a pliant young lady. Hunt has a good ear for his own speech.

His fic tional heroes sound exactly like Howard Hunt, as he con tinuously quotes himself in his book the Bay of Pigs. His C.