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Lecture Forty Third. Lecture Forty Fourth. Lecture Forty Fifth. Lecture Forty Sixth. Lecture Forty Seventh. Lecture Forty Eighth. Lecture Forty Ninth. Lecture Fiftieth. Lecture Fifty First. Lecture Fifty Second. Lecture Fifty Third. Lecture Fifty Fourth. Lecture Fifty Fifth. Lecture Fifty Sixth. Lecture Fifty Seventh. Lecture Fifty Eighth. Lecture Fifty Ninth.

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Lecture Sixtieth. Lecture Sixty First. Lecture Sixty Second. Lecture Sixty Third. Lecture Sixty Fourth.

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Lecture Sixty Fifth. Lecture Sixty Sixth.

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The Vision of the Four Beasts. The Little Horn. The Ancient of Days. The Meaning of 'A Time'. The Place of the Vision. The Ram and the He-Goat. The Seventy Weeks.

Historicist interpretations of the Book of Daniel

Hippolytus and Other Martyrs. The Abomination of Desolation. The Vision on the Banks of the Hiddekel. Michael the Prince. Historical Proofs. The Willful King. He also has an interesting discussion on. The first group of resources below accepts Daniel as a prophecy of the Messiah and allows for a " Gap " Between Daniel's 69 and 70th Week. The works in this first group seek the normal, literal interpretation and would in general be classified as "futurists" and millennialists.

Campbell taught Bible exposition at Dallas Seminary for many years. He illustrates vividly and gears the work for lay people. He defends the premillennial view and presents several arguments to show that it is superior. It is a penetrating work and very valuable to have. In an appendix, he gives seven arguments in support of his view that the new heavens and new earth will come at the beginning of the millennium and not at the end.

Many will disagree that the Bible supports this idea.. James Rosscup : A light, cursory exposition is along popular and premillennial lines, using a lot of long quotes and doing little more than outline prophetical matters. But it has some good principles for application. For the most part, one would derive more benefit from various works that offer so much more than the appeal of packaging. James Rosscup : Miller provides a careful premillennial, dispensational explanation on details, such as on Dan. His introduction upholds Daniel in the sixth century B.

In the commentary, he offers competent light on many problems, and shows he is aware of views, often giving copious reasons for his own. His dispensational interpretations are fairly standard. Most of these works interpret Daniel's 70th week as literally following the 69th week and interpret the he in Daniel as the Messiah and not the Antichrist.

Basically most of these writers also do not accept the year reign of Messiah on earth i. Baldwin is also helpful in referring at times back and forth from liberal to conservative views cf. A dispensational survey, documenting his use of scholarly literature and mingling exegesis and devotional elements.

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The reader will find much judicious comment with spiritual perception on the character of Daniel. The prophetical view Calvin advocates is amillennial, so one will see how he explains and defends that perspective on such passages as Daniel 2, 7, 9, 11, and Many principles help readers in application, but too often the comments on prophecy mislead or leave uncertainty, not help one have a sound view.

It reveals the vital points at which he attacks dispensationalism. He fastens upon the dispensational teaching that the kingdom of the future will be a thousand years, then argues from chapter 2 that the kingdom has to be eternal. Actually, dispensationalists are misrepresented here, for they believe in both. So what is the upshot? This last group does not believe Daniel is a prophecy of the Messiah and thus these works generally equate with a liberal school of non-literal interpretation. This group generally argues that Daniel was written in the second century late date after all the historical events prophesied had come to pass and thus they conclude that the entire book represents the author's not the original Daniel interpretation of past history.

In general the commentators this non-Christological group attempts to find fulfillment of the Daniel's 70 Weeks in the events leading up to the persecution of Antiochus Epiphanes.

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  • In B. This act precipitated the Maccabean revolt which Antiochus attempted unsuccessfully to put down with great cruelty B. Acts note Note that several of these works are published by companies that one normally considered conservative evangelical sources, but clearly that does not guarantee that the contents are thoroughly conservative and evangelical.

    Examine every commentary including the notes you are now reading!